Letter to WADA: Incorrect allegations in the Richard McLaren Report WADA Investigations

Prof. Martial Saugy, former director of WADA accredited Laboratory of Lausanne (LAD) and current Director the of the Center of Research and Expertise in anti-doping sciences (REDs) of the University of Lausanne, disputes allegations of misconduct against the Lausanne laboratory, contained in the McLaren reports.

A formal request to WADA has been made in the letter to attached documentation available to the Public to restore the reputation of the Laboratory of Lausanne as well the one of its former Director, Prof. Martial Saugy.

Further information can be viewed at http://unil.ch/reds/home/news.html?showActu=1484119672992&showFrom=1 or unil.ch/reds




Sample in Lausanne
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