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WAADS 2018 - 2019

As President of WAADS for 2018-2019, I want to see the organisation strength its collaboration by working together as members, not just internally but also by cooperating with International Sports Federations, National Anti-Doping Organisations, WADA amd other scientists.

WAADS can offer scientific advice to all of these organisations, as it has done for the last years to its members. Ever since our foundation, WAADS has had the following goals:

  • Maintain excellence in the science and practice of anti-doping programs in the interest of all athletes;
  • Facilitate harmonization of modern scientific methodology for effective anti-doping control;
  • Provide reliable information concerning the scientific aspects of anti-doping programs in the public interest;
  • Foster good will and co-operation among members and stakeholders

These goals were not reserved to its members only. As an association, we have the responsibility to share our knowledge and provide the anti-doping community with the best service we can provide.

Dr. Catrin Goebel

WAADS President





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