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WAADS seeks cooperation in the anti-doping fight and offers its scientific expertise

As a president, I am happy to see that our organization is growing strongly. Now, WAADS represents 35 accredited and probationary laboratories and has over 150 members. WAADS and its members dedicate their (professional) life to keeping sports clean to preserve fairplay and minimize health risks. I am proud to say that through our harmonized efforts we make a significant contribution to clean and fair sports.

WADA’s and WAADS’s quality standards for sports drug testing make WADA accredited laboratories the best controlled routine laboratories in the world. WAADS is proud of this, because we feel athletes deserve the best quality there is.

Now, however it is also time to step forward and increase our efforts to cooperate more strongly than ever before with other partners in this joint fight; International Sports Federations, National Anti-Doping Organizations, WADA and other scientists. Only through joint efforts we can win the fight against doping.

WAADS can offer scientific advice to all of these organizations, as it has done for the last years to its members. Ever since our foundation, WAADS has had the following goals:

  • Maintain excellence in the science and practice of anti-doping programs in the interest of all athletes;
  • Facilitate harmonization of modern scientific methodology for effective anti-doping control;
  • Provide reliable information concerning the scientific aspects of anti-doping programs in the public interest;
  • Foster good will and co-operation among members and stakeholders

These goals were not reserved to its members only. As an association, we have the responsibility to share our knowledge and provide the anti-doping community with the best service we can provide.

Over the years WAADS members have been involved in the development of all methods that significantly contributed to the fight against doping. Thanks to these efforts, sport is cleaner than ever. However, although we have excelled as scientists, we have perhaps failed to communicate these findings to all parties involved. Perhaps also we have not opened up enough and shared our knowledge with the anti-doping community.

Dear members, let’s make 2015 the year that we step forward and reach out to other stakeholders to intensify our cooperation.


Prof. Dr. ir. Peter Van Eenoo  

WAADS President


Peter Van Eenoo (WAADS President, left) and Jordi Segura (Past WAADS President, right)